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We are Mediocrity At Its Best and this is our blog for Pi Wars at home 2021. We have decided to blog this experience to see our progress and document our shenanigans. Look at ‘The Team’ page to find out about who is on the team and check out the ‘Our Robot’ page to find out about our creation. Latest blog Posts should appear below this message and the menu should be somewhere at the top. Happy Reading!

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Shooty Shooty Bang Bang

So we had another meeting today. The line following is going well. The tidy up the toys is working, but we’re trying to get as many points as possible by adding to it. In terms of feed the fish (or Shooty Shooty Bang Bang), we are making a smaller casing for the nerf gun. The […]

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So…. I made a thing Now for context: I accidently called our team a “party” Mackenzie thought it was because I had been playing too much Hypixel (a Minecraft server), which uses the term “party”. It was actually because I have been playing too much DnD. Mackenzie was convinced that it was because of Hypixel, […]

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So Far… As I know

Hi people I’m Hannah, I’m helping Stella with the ‘Feed the Fish’ challenge but seeing as we haven’t done massive amounts on that so far I’m mainly here to tell you about what has happened so far… as I know. Our team name is ‘Mediocrity at it’s best’, (despite the fact we’re Epic) and the […]

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